After Samsung itself, Spotify is one of the companies that have been most supportive of Gear S3, launching its standalone app for smartwatch a few months after the gadget hit the market last year. However, despite the rapid development, the app had some limitations compared to the full version available for other platforms.

Among these we can mention the need to be connected to the internet to play music. Spotify began to deploy in Sweden, its birthplace, the ability to play music offline through the device, including allowing the recovery of playlists.

There is no information when and if the product will be released to more regions, since apparently everything is still in the testing phase. The feature in question is very useful if you have a non-LTE variant (not 4G) of the Gear S3, and you can not only listen to music on the street, for example through headphones or paired wireless speakers.

As early as early April we saw that Spotify would be discontinued in the Windows Store, leaving a few million users of Windows Phone and Windows Mobile 10 adrift. As commented, a new version was planned to arrive exclusively at the PCs, and apparently it did not take long for the company to be able to port its Win32 application to the universal platform of Windows.

This is said because Spotify is already back to the Windows Store, with a version compatible only with PCs and chips of x86 architecture, which by itself already excludes any possibility of use on mobile devices. Unfortunately, the app for now can only be viewed, with a warning that it is not currently available for download.

There is no information on how Spotify shifted its application to the Windows Store, but it is more likely that the company used the Centennial Project from Microsoft to do so, thus demonstrating that what is lacking for the platform is an increased interest from developers, at least in desktop apps.

With the arrival of Spotify to the store, it should not take long for your download to be enabled, probably only a matter of a few days until the last adjustments are made and it can finally be used. This, by the way, will benefit mainly those who own products with Windows 10 S, as these can only take advantage of the store in the system store.


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