No, they are going to continue making games for all Xbox owners with the options to run better on the “elite” system.

At E3 2017 Phil Spencer announced that Xbox One backwards compatibility would be getting original Xbox games as well. Notably, Microsoft’s anticipated Crackdown 3 will launch alongside the X.

‘That one should go away.’ Every game had [a place].

Xbox One X is specifically a console, so it’s for someone who want to play on a console, who wants the most powerful console, a premium experience… it’s not for everyone, just like the Elite Controller, a $150 controller is not for everybody” says Phil Spencer.

XBOX ONE X will have lots of games support when the November release date rolls around, including these exclusive and third-party titles.

That would be impossible to do without packing the machine with some of the most advanced specifications for gaming consoles.

Razer is bringing the Thresher Ultimate wireless gaming headset to the PS4 and Xbox One.

We expect that the PlayStation 5 will use AMD chips like the PS4 and Xbox One X. It will offer a native 4K support and could come with a virtual reality headset support.

To conclude, I believe that the Xbox One X will sell, but won’t counter Sony’s PS4 console.

Plus, Microsoft confirmed how select titles will be updated to take advantage of the X’s extra horsepower.

At this year’s E3, Microsoft finally revealed the newest version of their Xbox One. On PC I’ve seen them as high as 80GB. It’s under the Play Anywhere umbrella, wherein Microsoft makes it available for Xbox One and Windows 10.

Selling a newly-released games console at a loss is not uncommon.

The only question remaining is just how many consumers will buy a £450 console to play the same games they can on the one they already own.

When we looked at the overall design, we could do less memory. Still, it’s not a complete victory for the Xbox One X. To the recommended devices carried QLED model from Samsung as this Korean company is the official partner for Xbox One project Scorpio. It aims to cater high-end gamers who want an absolute best experience, particularly in playing true 4K, Ybarra told TechRadar. The first reason is that there are rights issues that are said to be more complex than with Xbox 360 games.

“Here’s how I think about it”, Spencer continued.


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