“It puts these private businesses at an advantage, because Americans can only spend money with them, not the military monopoly”. “The oppressors of the Cuban people are the Cuban government who have increased repression on the island against dissidents and Ladies in White since reestablishing diplomatic relations”.

Worldwide human rights groups say, however, that reinstating a US policy of isolating the island could make the situation worse by empowering Cuban hardliners.

“There are 12 categories of travel that are permitted still, but that one of the individual people-to-people travel was one that was of the highest risk of potential abuse of the statutory ban on tourism“, a senior White House official said Thursday.

President Trump will describe his Cuba policy in greater detail on Friday afternoon at the Manuel Artime Theatre in Miami, Florida.

The secretaries of commerce and treasury will be responsible for crafting and implementing the new regulations, so the changes won’t come immediately.

Even family visits in Cuba from USA relatives could be in jeopardy.

However, Trump’s Cuba policy is not being seen as a blanket travel ban by the transport companies.

Proponents of lifting the embargo say that taking a punitive approach toward Cuba has done nothing to bring about improvements in human rights in more than 50 years, and that it is time to try something new.

Trump administration officials have debated possible changes to Cuba policy throughout the week, including at a meeting of the National Security Council on Tuesday.

Educational trips will reportedly be required to travel with a guide from a USA sponsoring organization, according to the Herald.

Those changes loosened a tight embargo that had been imposed on the Communist island decades ago. How big the changes in policy will be, however, remains to be seen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

Rubio said the changes will be a step in the right direction.

Some business groups, meanwhile, lobbied the Trump administration to keep the Obama rules in place, including hotel and airline interest seeking to expand business into the island.

While it’s not expected to be a full reversal of the measures introduced in 2014, information secured by the Miami Herald has revealed Trump’s plans to curtail cash flow between the United States and Cuba.

Also in Miami, Roberto Pique, who left Cuba at age 15 in 1961, said that even though he wanted the Castro family to leave power, Obama’s actions had allowed Cubans to have more access to information.

While campaigning previous year in Miami, which is home to a large Cuban-American population, Trump pledged to reverse Obama’s efforts to normalize relations with Cuba unless it met certain “demands”, including granting Cubans religious and political freedom, and releasing all political prisoners. Any benefits of an opening to Cuba, the official said, should “go to the Cuban people”. The White House did not give a timetable.

Asked why he appears to have a different attitude toward Cuba, an official said that “the President has made clear” that he will call out “repressive regimes in this hemisphere”, and fulfill a promise he made previous year on the campaign trail to reverse elements of what he called Obama’s “bad deal” with Havana.


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