I also really liked the way they develop their players so it all kind of worked out and it just happened to be an added bonus that it was in my backyard, so to speak.

Ball has been linked to the Lakers for quite some time, but in recent weeks several reports out of Los Angeles have intimated that L.A. brass wasn’t totally enamored with the former UCLA point guard.

With that being said, the following is a ranking of how the Lakers’ 2017 Draft Big Board should look like regardless of who the Celtics take. Although reviews of Ball’s workout last week with Los Angeles weren’t exactly sterling. I appreciate them for giving me this opportunity. Whether it was because he chose not to or just couldn’t, he never showed us if he has a mid-range game. It appears that they are looking for a change and maybe they could move their way up to the first overall pick.

And if Fultz has anything to say about it, that means the Celtics will have both the Rookie of the Year and MVP on their squad next season.

Foot Locker released a new Father’s Day commercial on Wednesday featuring numerous hyped up NBA Draft lottery prospects, including, De’Aaron Fox, Jayson Tatum, Jonathan Isaac, and yes, the polarizing Lonzo Ball. “It sounds so simple, but I went home and I thought about that a lot”.

Lonzo Ball was reportedly out of shape (courtesy of Yahoo Sports) during his bid to impress the Los Angeles Lakers.

Q: On the last time he played 5-on-5: Fultz: It’s been a long time since I’ve played 5-on-5. “I’m not really anxious about those guys”. Of course, coming here with the Hollywood lights, it’s going to be great publicity. I was always just a basketball fan growing up. While touting his shooting, playmaking and ability to play off the ball as his biggest strengths, Fultz said he wants to improve on fighting through fatigue and handling defensive rotations.

The 6-foot-4 guard believes he would fit well alongside D’Angelo Russell, the Lakers’ similarly sized third-year guard.

Maybe the Lakers just liked his shot, and that’s something Fultz figured he’d share with the media.

Most NBA experts expect Fox to be drafted after that threesome, going to Phoenix fourth or Sacramento fifth.

The Los Angeles Lakers have to deal with figuring out who to take with their second overall pick. However, there are some rumors regarding Lonzo Ball’s workout with the Lakers. The most notable reflections come from Lonzo Ball, whose father has been known for playing an integral role in his son’s basketball career, regularly making headlines for his commentary.


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