The answer, in the case of “The Mummy” – a big-budget reboot of the 1932 Boris Karloff gem – is a ugly Frankenstein of a film that seems doomed to repulse anyone who comes across it. Once she’s on the requisite rampage they capture her for a time thanks to help by one Dr. Jekyll (yes, the one of Mr. Hyde fame and played by Russell Crowe) who seems to be this universe’s version of Nick Fury (and a Lawful Evil one at that). Dubbed the Dark Universe, the new franchise will include new movies like The Invisible Man starring Johnny Depp and Frankenstein, who will be played by Javier Bardem. They quickly find themselves on an ancient burial ground along with Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis), a would-be love interest for Nick, whom the script flips by having their sexual falling out occur off-screen, before we first meet them.

This film was a big shocking for Tom Cruise fans and can not reach a big hit from the previous film series.Tom Cruise actions can not work in this movie, and overall portions are shows only actions without any exciting and thrilling factors. This reboot of the Universal monster series seeks to update its classic creatures in the action-adventure genre.

Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) and Chris Vail (Jake Johnson) full time soldiers, part-time treasure hunters, are now in Mesopotamia (Iraq), searching for ancient artifacts. When insurgents get in the way of that search, an explosive USA military strike opens up the final resting tomb of a murderous Egyptian princess (Sofia Boutella from “Kingsman: The Secret Service)” whose backstory we learn in a well-executed and spooky-looking opening sequence. Once reanimated, she gets the hots for Nick and appears to him in gauzy hallucinations that resemble a perfume commercial.

Virtually everything in this movie seems like the wrong decision. “But the movies harken back to Universal’s roots, and I think it’s a great effort”.

I will give credit where its due.

I am an optimist, and I hold out hope that, despite a stumble at the starting line, Universal will right the ship and the Dark Universe will be better than “The Mummy“.

All those trailers for The Mummy made the movie look as if it would be some fun.

“Obviously, that’s disappointing to hear”, director Alex Kurtzman told Business Insider on Thursday when hearing about the negative response from critics.

Dark Universe: The original Universal horror movies are a wonderful collection of weird little gems filled with iconic monsters, mad scientists, and adventure.

I hate to say it, but the Dark Universe is off to a rocky start and will need to put together a much better movie than The Mummy for this franchise to take flight. The movie is so unfocused that it’s hard to care about what’s happening in the main storyline. The film lulls and then picks up randomly and then lulls again. The action sequences are all well-executed.

Over the course of the movie’s nearly two hour run time, it seemed as if nothing ever really happened.


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