Just a day earlier, Constand had spoken publicly for the first time about the night she says Cosby drugged her with three blue pills at his Cheltenham residence and took advantage of her when she passed out.

Andrea Constand’s mother also said she asked Cosby, angered that he didn’t call 911 when her daughter passed out from the pills he gave her. Gianna Constand, a health care professional, said she does not believe the pills were merely Benadryl as Cosby has previously stated.

The cross-examination of Andrea Constand, the central accuser in the sexual assault case that could send Bill Cosby to prison, was promised as as a slugfest not to be missed.

Agrusa zeroed in Wednesday on the night in 2003 when Constand says she lied down beside Cosby in his hotel room at the Fox Woods casino in CT.

The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are sexual assault victims unless they grant permission, which Constand has done. Already, Cosby’s defense team has leaned on the sympathy of the jurors for Cosby as a “grandfather”-like figure”.

At times, Agrusa framed her questions as statements rather than questions, compelling Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill to interject and remind the jury that an attorney’s questions to a witness are not evidence, and only the answers are.

Pierro, who moved to D.C. a month ago from Peru, countered and said, “I don’t think the jury makeup will play a huge role into it”.

“He said to me, ‘I apologize to Andrea and I apologize to you, mom'”.

On Tuesday, Constand, 44, told the court that, when she went to Cosby’s home to discuss her career, the comedian, who was serving as her mentor, gave her three pills an told her, “It’s time for you to relax”, USA Today reported.

Cosby has been accused of aggravated indecent assault against Constand, which he denies.

But Assistant District Attorney Kristen Feden suggested Andrea Constand’s statements to investigators regarding the alleged incident were consistent. After several months, she hadn’t remembered when the date of the alleged attack had taken place and had gotten it wrong the first time when speaking to police. “And I believed he supported numerous athletic programmes”, Ms Constand said.

Prosecutors replied to the defense’s claim of Constand’s interest by characterizing her as simply a polite and pragmatic employee of Temple University, where she worked and Cosby was a trustee.

The phone records show there were no more phone calls between them after Constand left her job at Temple on March 31, 2004, Feld said, and Constand confirmed.

Soon after, Constand continued, she felt woozy, that she was seeing double and began slurring her speech.

The 75-year-old attorney says she was baffled because she thought the phone was turned off. Constand, the director of operations for the team, and Cosby, a Temple alum, struck a close friendship. “He betrayed her.” “The only thing I’d like from you is an apology”, she said she told him during their conversation. “Yet, she told police initially that she had not tried to contact him”. Cosby phoned her back and during the call also said he was a “sick man”, she testified.

“My reaction was, I was very upset and angry”, she told the courtroom.

More than 50 women have said Cosby assaulted them.

Cosby did indeed call back, and a almost three-hour conversation ensued.

Gianna Constand was defiant in cross-examination, often firing back at defense attorney Angela Agrusa’s questioning.

“I was really nervous and wasn’t able to recall every particular moment that I had seen Mr. Cosby in order of dates”, she said, explaining the inconsistencies.


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