Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, speaking to reporters during a visit to Berlin, said fighting global warming was a “global consensus” and an “international responsibility”.

The Paris climate agreement is at the centre of President Obama’s legacy, and is supported by every country except for Syria and Nicaragua.

“A USA withdrawal from Paris will be a disappointment to the climate community, but it may also embolden other countries to fill the void left by the US and take on a greater leadership role”, said Glen Peters, a Norwegian scientist who tracks global carbon emissions.

Other European leaders issued more explicit appeals to the USA government not to abandon worldwide measures against climate change.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday called the climate change talks in particular “very unsatisfactory”.

President Trump is promising he’ll make a decision about the Paris Climate Accord in the next few days.

The European Union and China – two of the world’s major polluters – were set to issue a joint statement Friday reaffirming their stance on global warming.

In a NY speech on Tuesday, UN chief António Guterres said it was “absolutely essential” that the world implemented the Paris Agreement. “Withdrawing from the agreement would cause us to lose this influence”.

McKenna said she had urged USA officials to stay in the Paris deal, noting that 90 percent of the agreement remained to be negotiated. Here’s what that could mean for future efforts to combat climate change. For example, there are no sanctions if the United States breaks its promise of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 26% to 28% below 2005 levels by 2025.

This is the subject that Trump is spending a great deal of time on, and one that he spoke to the G7 members about during their meetings, Spicer said. Unlike the Paris agreement, the UNFCCC is a Senate-approved treaty, so senators would probably want to have a say in such a move. So far, Russian Federation is the only major industrialized nation to hold back from accepting the accord.

“The entire discussion about climate was very hard, if not to say very dissatisfying”, German chancellor Angela Merkel said after the meeting.

Backing out of the agreement that way would take time, but would make it easier for the USA to return to climate change negotiations if a future administration would want to, says Andrew Light, a senior fellow at the World Resources Institute and a professor at George Mason University. Even in more developed countries like the USA, environmental factors like poor air quality (which is associated with fossil fuel burning) have been linked with diminished medical outcomes that are exacerbated by income inequality and a lack of access to health care. “He should know better”, the mayor said. Those moves make it unlikely the US will meet its Paris commitment.


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