Unbelievably, this already-loaded Warriors’ roster from a year ago – led by Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green – got better by adding superstar Kevin Durant.

When Kevin Durant joined the talent-rich Golden State Warriors the pressure was on for him to land an elusive title in his first season with his new team but on the eve of the NBA Finals he said the expectations would not rattle him.

Hoops junkies we have had to wait for a while to get to “the trilogy” but it is finally here. “He gets them going”.

Stephen Curry and LeBron James in a December 2016 game. The first two games are at Golden State.

“These are the two best teams and if you were on one of these two teams you were hopeful that you’d be here at the end”, Korver said Wednesday, a day before the teams meet for the third straight Finals. The Warriors possess a point per game differential of +16.3, the highest in the history of the NBA Playoffs (minimum 5 games). That’s nearly half of all championships won in the National Basketball Association by those two teams.

“You use different things as fuel and motivation, but in some ways, it nearly has to be the right thing because so much is fluff and stupid, for lack of a better word, but I think both teams have a lot to prove, and it’s going to be a really hard-fought matchup”. For that reason I’ve decided to make a handy guide for all those out there who think Michael Jordan was the King of Pop and Kobe is just a type of beef to assist in your enjoyment of the next four to seven games.

“Curry has always set that tone in the locker room”. The difference maker could be whether they can shut the other down on defense.

Like the Warriors, the Cavaliers enter this year’s Finals healthy. Curry will look to be much more dominant this year after his struggles last year. Curry is averaging 28.6 points in the playoffs and looks like a different player than the one who had a knee injury a year ago. Golden State already killed it. Otherwise, the most they could pay Durant is 120 percent of his salary this season, which comes out to just under $32 million. He is often seen on the court and sidelines yelling at his teammates to motivating them. Love broke out in the Eastern Conference finals, averaging 22.6 points and 12.4 rebounds.

Then the Cavs got their revenge previous year when they rallied back to claim their city’s first major team championship since 1964 with a Game 7 win in Oakland. Simply due to one man, LeBron James.

The Warriors look to be on a mission, and it is possible that James won’t be able to derail that mission.

Draymond Green vs. Kevin Love.

According to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne and Chris Haynes, Durant is willing to take less than the max. salary to stay with the Warriors this offseason and keep their core together. Somebody on the Cavs has to stop him.


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