The First Lady appeared to slapped away the President’s hand as they were greeted by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and wife, Sara, during Trump’s inaugural foreign tour.

It all began with the pair’s arrival at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Avi, Israel on Monday, when Trump reached back for Melania’s hand as they walked down the tarmac, a gesture she responded do with a quick swat.

According to The Daily Mail, First Lady Melania Trump was photographed finally holding hands with the president on Wednesday, days after reports of her rejecting his hand away came out.

Perhaps this could be forgiven based on the gravity of the occasion-particularly given the rumors Melania was not keen to assume the role of first lady despite her husband’s presidential ambitions-but their awkwardness has continued at other public events.

Twice in a week first lady Melania Trump has appeared to rebuff the advances of her husband, President Donald Trump. While walking on the red carpet toward the welcome ceremony, the United States president tried to take his wife by the hand.

Haaretz reports there were a number of awkward moments involving the USA president after he got off the plane.

Some of the theories on Twitter about Melania’s hand-holding alleged avoidance at Fiumicino’s Leonardo Da Vinci International airport near Rome can be read in comments below.

Mrs. Trump is expected to join her husband at his meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican Wednesday. But most seem to agree that it appeared Melania was declining Donald’s hand-holding offer.

“‘Still not touching you’ – Melania“.

This time, it was in Rome. She wasn’t in favor of Donald Trump running for president. This time she was less obvious.

Donald Trump attempts the popular “Dab” dance move.

“She did it again. We are with you”. It’s nearly as though a photographer has set up the shot and thought the hand hold was a good idea.

“The Beatles make a plea to Melania on behalf of Trump”. Any wife would have been affected by these accusations- especially the incidents that occurred when Melania and Donald were together.


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