That team will get a pretty good dancer, too. “I’m sad because I don’t know if I’ll get this again”. “I just wanted to bring fun to the dance floor”. Len Goodman said it was “proper and well done”.

Jennings and Slater will take part in the 43-city “Dancing with the Stars: Live!” Carrie Ann Inaba said “You have magic happening”.

Speaking of, Nancy and Artem (THEY DESERVED BETTER) bless us with an encore rendition of their samba set to Ricky Martin’s “Shake Your Bon-Bon”. In this round, all of them scored 40/40.

“She twisted her ankle per the clip in yesterday’s rehearsals”. Still, her sharp and speedy quickstep showed little sign of lagging or limping – and considering her bodysuit costume, we would’ve seen it. While Peta Murgatroyd admits that it wasn’t an easy decision to return to work, she still says it was “the best decision” that she ever made. Len said it was clean and precise. They performed their hearts out last night and then tonight we sat around forever waiting for the DWTS results to be read. I mean that in the best way possible. It had a big moment in the ’90s, so maybe it’s back now. He finally got the foot pointing right and he was smooth as silk. Rashad’s footwork is completely unrecognizable and he’s become a polished diamond.

He edged out former Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross. Dude. The internet is a scary place.

Lindsay is wearing what can only be described as stiletto sneakers. They get in a really neat trick where Lindsay does a backbend over a baseball bat while David spins her around. The audience is as taken with their dancing as they’ve been all season long. Rashad is on a hot streak and America loves an underdog, which may hurt Normani. She is going to be tough to beat in the finals. This shows what’s she’s learned. She even busted out a weapons-grade charming grandma!

Peta Murgatroyd is speaking out on why she returned to Dancing With the Stars just seven weeks after she gave birth to her first child. Watch his epic dance break at the 0:43 mark, followed by his lifts with Emma at 0:56 and 1:14. I’m still mad she left so early. Is Rashad Jennings the GOAT? This season, like so many in the past, has had a bit of controversy. An overly-excited Bruno called it was sensational.

Tonight was the final part of the Grand Finale and it was a superlative adjective of awesome if there is one. Their dance was undoubtedly the most creative, thanks to all the stage elements and Lindsay’s genius choreography. But I guess they could sway some voters. The finale will also conclude the competition after one final round of dances from the final three.


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