President Trump promised us he would recognize Jerusalem and move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

Trump said in joint remarks with Netanyahu later Monday that he was “deeply moved” by the experience.

The White House has depicted the first two days of Trump’s foreign trip as an unmitigated success, even sending out a press release that compiled complimentary quotes about the president’s performance in Riyadh from US politicians and journalists. The Iranian threat has been a chief theme of the USA president’s remarks as he seeks to reassure Middle East allies and bring them together toward common goals.

Aaron David Miller, a Middle East peace adviser to Democratic and Republican secretaries of state, said that despite Greenblatt’s positive reviews in the region, there are limits over how much influence he, or any American officials, can have over the process.

Trump departed Saudi Arabia on Monday morning after two days of meetings in the ultra-conservative desert kingdom. He is slated to meet separately with Netanyahu in Jerusalem and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem. Four senior officials brushed off questions about whether the White House had a leak when approached in Riyadh. Trump touched it in prayer and, adhering to tradition, placed a note in a deep crevice.

Before boarding the Marine One helicopter for Jerusalem, the premier’s wife, Sara Netanyahu, told first lady Melania Trump that they had a lot in common with the Trumps. So what do the people who live in Jerusalem think Donald Trump can achieve? “We wholeheartedly believe that this promise is non-negotiable and will happen while he is president”. “The president will be surprised to see just how far Abbas is prepared to go, and how extensive the concessions he is willing to make will be – more than ever”.

President Trump arrives in Israel later on his first overseas tour to explore ways to resurrect the moribund Middle East peace process. Even the White House press corps making the trip on a separate plane from Riyadh to Tel Aviv had to make a technical stop in Cyprus before proceeding to Israel.

Israel shares the antipathy that many Arab states have towards Iran, seeing the Islamic Republic as a threat to its very existence.

Trump is seeking to ease concerns that his policies wouldn’t be as beneficial to Israel as once believed.

His officials say he will remind the Israeli Government to restrain the construction of settlements and to take new steps to improve the Palestinian economy.

Earlier, at the airport, Netanyahu said Israel hoped Trump’s visit would be a “milestone on the path towards reconciliation and peace”.

The Western Wall visit drew controversy before Trump even left Washington, when United States officials declined to say whether it belonged to Israel. Haaretz said that at Sunday night’s meeting Education Minister Naftali Bennett and deputy foreign minister Ayelet Shaked, of the religious-nationalist Jewish Home party, “objected vehemently” to the building plans.


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