The NDP claimed the Courtney-Comox riding by just nine votes, which will mean a recount.

“British Columbians sent a very strong message to all sides of the legislature: They want us to work together collaboratively and across partisan lines”, she said.

“We’re starting negotiations tomorrow”, said Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver, calling the election “a historic day for British Columbia”.

Premier Christy Clark remains premier, and she’ll get the first shot at forming a new government when she visits Lieutenant-Governor Judith Guichon.

British Columbians will continue to await a final vote count that will determine what the government will look like moving forward.

“I’m really proud of the work that we did, 6,500 houses, 8,000 people, changed some minds, not enough, proud of the effort and enjoying this night with my team”, Dutton said.

If Horgan happens to become premier via this election, which seems an outside possibility at this point, it would certainly bring more light to West Shore issues such as transportation and affordable housing, to name a couple.

So far the BC Liberals have stacked up about 40.8 per cent of the popular vote, to 39.9 per cent for the NDP and 16.8 per cent for the Greens.

Minority governments are rare in British Columbia.

The Student Vote program for the 2017 British Columbia provincial election was coordinated in partnership with Elections BC.

Among the casualties of the night was prominent BC Liberal cabinet minister Peter Fassbender, the former education minister, who conceded defeat to the NDP’s Jagrup Brar in Surrey-Fleetwood.

Horgan says his staff have been following up with the Greens with more plans to meet in the coming days and weeks ahead. “Now is not the time for those discussions, now is the time for Greens across North America to celebrate”, he told a cheering crowd.

And while Weaver said during the campaign that Horgan exploded in anger during some of their conversations, Horgan said that he does not remember such outbursts. It is important to note that absentee ballots have not been counted.

“This was a campaign built on building community”.

If the NDP keeps the riding, a deal with the Green Party could create a coalition with 44 seats.

Lyle noted both the NDP and Greens were against the LNG and Site C dam megaprojects, while the future of the Trans Mountain pipeline project may also be cast in doubt.

Horgan and Clark have drawn different lessons from Tuesday’s results.

There is now a clear urban-rural divide across the province electoral slate, according to B.C. pollsters.

The New Democrats climbed from 35 seats to 41 seats, making for a tie between the two major parties. The province has Canada’s lowest unemployment rate and has led the country in economic growth two years in a row.

The New Democrats have been in Opposition since 2001 and lost in 2013 despite polls predicting they would win a majority.

He could extract a promise that the Liberals would act on some key Green policies – like limits on corporate and union campaign donations. “It bodes well for doing politics differently in this province”, said Weaver.

After months of pressure, the Liberals committed to convening a panel to review political fundraising.


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