Comey is known to be a pretty meticulous keeper of notes, and CNN’s Jake Tapper reported that Comey kept extensive notes of his conversations with Trump for the precise reason that they made him uneasy – presumably because of Trump making requests such as the Flynn one that crossed a line for Comey. And this act of Trump’s, as described in a memo written by Comey first reported Tuesday by The New York Times, probably doesn’t.

The House Oversight Committee wants former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey to testify before the committee in a public hearing next week.

The latest allegation has rocked U.S. politicians with Senator John McCain describing the drama as “of Watergate size and scale”.

And when asked what the president’s “position” was on the existence of recorded conversations, Spicer said he has “answered that several times” and that Trump “has nothing further to add”.

The panel’s top Democrat, Elijah Cummings of Maryland, a constant Trump critic, called the allegation of Trump pressure on Comey “explosive” and said “it appears like a textbook case of criminal obstruction of justice”.

Alone in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump began the discussion by condemning leaks to the news media, saying that Mr. Comey should consider putting reporters in prison for publishing classified information, according to one of Mr. Comey’s associates.

The White House adamantly denied this version of events when the story broke.

Speaking to Russian news agencies on Wednesday Yuri Ushakov, an aide to President Vladimir Putin, would not comment the contents of last week’s talks among Trump, Lavrov and Kislyak.

For Richard Painter, former chief ethics lawyer for George W. Bush, Trump’s alleged conversation with Comey would likely would rise to the level of obstruction of justice if it’s revealed that Trump implicitly or explicitly threatened to fire Comey if he didn’t “let” the investigation go as Trump wanted.

Democrats badgered Republicans to stand up to the president, and demanded access to the transcripts of Trump’s meeting last week with two Russian diplomats.

Democratic strategist David Axelrod on Wednesday cast President Trump’s upcoming trip overseas as an opportunity for the president to flee the chaos and controversy that has consumed his administration in recent days. But we are going to let the facts take us where they are.

But some market watchers have expressed skepticism about how much the political turbulence at the White House is affecting the dollar. “The President has never asked Comey or anyone else to end any investigation, including any investigation involving General Flynn”, an official said.

“It’s the whole pattern here, it’s firing Comey and also directing him to end the investigation against Flynn, all of these things are done because he wants to stop an investigation from reaching the highest echelons of the administration and possibly him personally”, Ohlin said. Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe told Congress last week the investigation is “highly significant” and said Comey’s dismissal would do nothing to impede the probe.

A small but growing number of U.S. President Donald Trump’s fellow Republicans called on Wednesday for an independent probe of possible collusion between his 2016 campaign and Russian Federation and one even mentioned impeachment, spurred by a memo from the fired FBI chief that Trump tried to impede the agency’s investigation.

“He was using his power to do that, and when James Comey didn’t go along with him, when he wasn’t his boy, he fired him”.

By Tuesday evening, in light of the latest Times report, some House Republicans were no longer merely troubled. Mark Warner, as well as asking Comey to testify. I think we know enough now. John McCain, R-AZ.


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