The Amazon Echo Show has been unveiled, and the drool worthy new device is boasting some epic features.

The Show comes on the heels of last month’s Amazon Look, which featured a camera and aimed to be your personal styling assistant.

With the addition of a display on the Echo Show, new options are available, such as watching videos, seeing photos and to-do lists, and monitoring connected security cameras. It will be released on June 28, but you can already pre-order one in black or white. Alexa also includes native “assistant” functionality for reminders, timers, music playback, calendar appointments, and so on.

There have been quite a few leaks regarding a new Echo over the past several days, and now Amazon has made everything official.

Video calls can be made to anyone with another Echo Show or through the Alexa App, and standard voice calling is supported on other Echo devices. You can do video calling with anyone through its front camera. It can even control multiple smart home products, such as lights and thermostats.

Amazon sells its Echo in the United Kingdom but didn’t announce pricing or a release date for the Echo Show in UK. As we told you yesterday, Amazon has a huge 70.6% share of the USA market for smart speakers. Echo Show intuitively integrates many features found on tablets with the always-ready intelligence to understand your questions, plus speaker dock-like audio.

The device is now up for pre-order on for the price of $229.99.

Unlike other devices in the Echo range, which focus on streaming music and making phone calls through voice commands, the Echo Show features a built-in 7ins touchscreen to stream videos and view photographs.


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