The seat count creates the conditions for a minority government, in which the Liberals would take the most seats and the Greens would hold the balance of power.

“The more likely hookup is the Liberal-Green one, just simply because of the extra two-seat cushion it would give”. Six were on Vancouver Island, including the province’s closest race, Courtenay-Comox, which was decided by only nine votes and will be subject to a recount.

The final results are expected by May 24, and it’s anyone’s guess what B.C.’s legislature will look like. “If we’re seen as reliable or unpredictable, that is not healthy for the economy”.

As the government, the Liberals would have to appoint a Speaker to preside over the legislature, which would thin their ranks, Telford said in an interview on Tuesday night. Asked several times if she accepts personal responsibility, Clark avoided a direct answer.

“What a historic day for British Columbia”, he said.

Voters have sent a clear message they want political parties to find a way to work together, said the Liberal leader after a roller-coaster evening of flip-flopping election results.

The premier’s office said Lt. -Gov.

In the meantime, Clark remains premier and she promised Wednesday to listen to voters and do a better job of working with the other parties.

“If you can make the counterfactual argument that the Greens are closer to the New Democrats [and] a few extra votes would have made a difference, there aren’t too many places where you could make that”. Certain ridings will undergo reviews and absentee ballots still need to be counted.

He said in both cases, the minority governments fell apart forcing a subsequent election, with the NDP losing seats in both instances while the Liberals gained majority victories. He’s already discussing his bargaining chips.

In September a year ago, the Greens banned corporate and union donations. “And so it is by no means finished and the dynamics of the house, once it’s finally constituted in the form that it’s going to take, I think, will have a lot to do with what the story is from here on”.

Party leader Andrew Weaver was re-elected in his Oak Bay-Gordon Head riding with more than half the votes, which led to a loud celebration at party headquarters in Victoria.

“We are waiting for the outcome of the results from the British Columbia election, and we will work with whatever – whichever – whoever forms government, and our priority is getting it right when it comes to the environment and the economy”.

“Substantively, it’s easier to imagine a deal between the Greens and the NDP – not personality wise, but on substance”.

She says she has worked with Green Party leader Andrew Weaver in the past and called him a “smart, thoughtful and reasonable guy”.

Desjardins Capital Markets analysts said in a note that a minority government in B.C. could present significant challenges for the Canadian energy sector.

“LNG project approvals would be easier for the province to unilaterally reverse”, compared to federally approved pipelines, Hoberg said.


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